K+ Creative is a woman-owned small business based on a love of smart branding and providing the tools for good design.


Sometimes, after a project is delivered, businesses are left without a clear guide of how to use what they just paid for, and were not left with the correct tools to use their branding. This results in a loss in quality of your deliverables, as well as a loss in efficiency while you try to make logo and branding items work with no clear templates or guidelines.

With nearly 15 years of experience in branding and creative logistics for law firms, government, retail, and other freelance projects, K+ Creative provides design solutions with a goal of long-term use and functionality well past project completion and launch.  From larger brand redesigns to one-off print or digital campaigns, K+ Creative has an eye on making your project easily produced, updated for future iterations, and flexible for expansion and multiple uses.


Katy Hospital has been working in graphic design for nearly 15 years in government contracting, consulting, legal marketing, and freelance work. She is a gigantic nerd for good design and fonts and has never met an ampersand she didn’t like.

She lives in Seattle, where she geeks out about music, podcasts, and travel. She grew up in Maryland, and thus has very strong thoughts Old Bay and the Baltimore Orioles.